What to Expect

What it’s like to study with us?

Here are some things you should know before you begin your studies.

Studying Online 

Studying online means that you'll do the same coursework and assessments as the regular students, but you'll study where you want, have more flexibility with your time, and may use different technology and methods to complete your work. Course content may include online classes, videos, audios, discussion boards, Skype conferencing, and more. Students submit regular assignments including homework, personal practice, and other tasks. At the end of each course students have online exams. During the year online students can make a journey to attend retreats and seminars, where they can meet their peers and professors in person and also pass their exams.


Distance learning requires a substantial amount of written and web communication. Online courses require you to engage regularly in web discussions, skype conferencing and collaborative work with classmates. You should also fell free to contact your teachers, handlers and mentors by e-mail if you have any questions on the course subject or on your personal practice. We also have online forum when you can meet your classmates and share your inspiration.

Motivation and Self-discipline 

It is important for students to be self-motivated and self-disciplined when participating in online educational opportunities.  With the opportunity for anytime, anywhere learning comes the understanding that you must make the time yourself and spend the time making progress toward your learning targets.  There is no teacher standing in front of the room keeping you on task, so that is a responsibility you take on in order to be successful in your online classes. Your academic mentor will be available to help you create completion goals to help you stay motivated and provide you pacing strategies in  your online courses

Time Management

Online courses are quite intense so plan on spending at least 6 hours a week on each class + personal yoga practice from 30 minutes per day. Read all the course content, pass the tests, complete all the additional assignments, and block out time to do it.

High-Quality Instruction

Our organization has exclusive rights to train and certify Yoga Instructors and Teachers who are going to offer classes to English-speaking people worldwide. Their first step is to pass on-line courses and see how you can grow professional and help people around the world or simply learn yoga on completely different and higher level. 

If you are looking for qualified and professional yoga teachers then check our site to find all certified Open Yoga Instructors and Teachers as well as more detailed information about them.

Course Schedules

The enrollment is up each year in October. To obtain a yoga instructor certificate you must successfully complete 2 years of education (108 weeks) and pass all the exams. After successful graduation you can enter a postgraduate courses for upgrading your qualification, they take two more years. After 4 years of education you will be able to have internship in conducting classes and reading lectures in our University.

After graduation from our University you will be a certified teacher in 5 kinds of yoga: Hatha, Kriya, Pranayama, Mantra and Meditation.

You can complete course assignments during the hours that work best for you on a day-to-day basis, you must finish each course within the allotted time period. Each course has built-in deadlines along the way to make sure that you progress at a manageable pace. You must also attend online lectures and practice classes every week.

Technical Support You Can Count On

Our exceptional team of technical support staff will help you navigate your online learning environment. They are all available by phone, email or Skype to answer questions and guide you as needed. To help ensure your success as a student, you should be proficient using email, the Internet, and common desktop productivity software. Online students should be comfortable learning independently, taking the initiative to ask questions, and receiving instruction at a distance.


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