Mentor for you

In OYU every student has a personal mentor, who help him during all period of education.

Personal mentor for you

A mentor is someone who takes a special interest in helping another person to develop into a successful professional.

Mentoring is a personal, as well as, professional relationship. A mentoring relationship develops over an extended period, during which a student's needs and the nature of the relationship tend to change. A mentor will try to be aware of these changes and vary the degree and type of attention, help, advice, information, and encouragement that he or she provides.

In general, an effective mentoring relationship is characterized by mutual respect, trust, understanding, and empathy. Mentors share life experiences and wisdom, as well as technical expertise. They are good listeners, good observers, and good problem-solvers. They make an effort to know, accept, and respect the goals and interests of a student. In the end, they establish an environment in which the student's accomplishment is limited only by the extent of his or her talent.

The Mentoring Relationship

The nature of a mentoring relationship varies with the level and activities of both student and mentor. In general, however, each relationship must be based on a common goal: to advance the educational and personal growth of the student.

Mentor strives to be aware of the distinction between friendship and favoritism. He or she needs a degree of objectivity in giving fair grades and evaluations. If you notice that your relationship is "too personal", you might have to increase the mentor-student distance.

Keeping in touch

You should be in regular contact with your mentor, at least once a week you need life communication (personal meeting or Skype call). The initiative must always go from mentee. Mentor is always approachable and available. At the same time, effective mentoring need not always require large amounts of time. An experienced, perceptive mentor can provide great help in just a few minutes by making the right suggestion or asking the right question.

Often students will not know what questions to ask, what information they need, or what their options are. A mentor can lessen such confusion by getting to know students and being familiar with the kinds of suggestions and information that can be useful.

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