Doctor Degree

Course Description

The online Doctor of Science in Yoga is designed to further deepen your undestanding of advanced Yoga types, aquired during the Bachelor and Master Degrees and includes additionally advanced practical courses on Business Administartion, Holding Public Speeches, Yoga Promotion and Advertising, Writing Books and Articles on Yoga, Educating junior Yoga Teachers and other subjects, closely related to Yoga teaching.

You will earn 40 credits over the course of 104 weeks. Senior Yoga Teachers develop a broad foundation in rare and complex theoretical as well as practical yoga aspects, including insight into advanced teaching course, marketing and yoga brending, preparation of yoga educators, advanced research and scholarship and finish up with a Doctor Thesis in form of educational books, self-managed yoga projects, articles, video tutorials, movies, webinars and so on.

Structured with a specific selection of exclusively created courses, the program strives to reflect the contemporary yoga teaching landscape and issues impacting preparation of yoga educators as well as business management topics.

Students graduate having engaged in theory-to-practice learning that enables them to meaningfully contribute to their roles as leading yoga teachers, consultants and senior instructors.

Candidates choose to enroll in individually designed specializations, engaging in teaching work centered on methods and techniques specific to the particular subject, related to rare yoga type or business topic. Our Doctor Degree Program represents a unique chance to deepen the understanding and practical application of extremely rare yoga kinds, which aren't taught anywhere else in the world. Doctorate students develop advanced teaching and business management skills at the same time, being irreplaceable for their intence and rapid self-development.

With the guidance and support from our faculty, you’ll become the life-changing independent senior yoga teacher and consultant. Additionally you’ll be able to create your own yoga school including online internet lerning platform.

If you wish to become a professional senior yoga educator, seeking to deepen your pedagogical content knowledge while you work, this degree program is definitely for you!


Cost per Credit

$600 per credit

Typical Course

$2.400 (4 credits)

Technology Fee

$60 per Credit

Student Services Fee

$60 per Semester


The Open Yoga University online Doctor’s Degree completion program consists of at least 104-weeks online of learning. 


After the Doctor’s Degree program, you will be able to hold any kind of yoga events independently (including those ones aimed at rare, advanced and complex yoga subjects), to educate yoga instructors yourself, to organize and manage your own yoga school as well as online learning platform. Additionally you will become a public well-known certified Yoga Educator, Teacher and Consultant with advanced Business Administration skills and a large number of publications.


The Doctor’s Degree Program seeks candidates for admission who are academically well qualified and fully prepared to successfully maximize this unique pedagogical approach. The program is designed for mature and motivated adult learners who desire to complete this program within a virtual community of similarly high-achieving individuals. Candidates for admission should be ready to make a commitment to this selective program and participate in rigorous courses with students like themselves.

The admissions committee considers far more than prior academic records to select students that meets our ideals. While reviewing candidates, the committee will look for:

  • Successfully completed Master Degree (160 credits)
  • Filled and handed application form with all required documents
  • Work/professional activities (also in teaching Yoga practice) indicating maturity and appropriate motivation
  • Demonstrated commitment to complete this program

The admissions committee will also consider the applicant’s life experiences and professional activities as an indication of preparedness to commit and engage in this program.

Getting Started

To learn more or to contact an enrollment advisor before you get started, request information using the button below and tell us a little about yourself. Someone will be in touch to answer any questions you may have about the program and detail the next steps in earning your degree. You can also start your application or register for a course at Open Yoga University.

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