MBA Degree

Course Description

MBA is a globally recognised programme that prepares you for business leadership. You’ll study management research through a blend of theory and applied learning – the perfect platform to excel in business. Focusing on real life and relevant business activity, the general MBA will increase your aptitude across the full range of managerial functions. A solid understanding of business decision-making will give you an edge in global business and management.

The online MBA (Master of Business Administration) programme at The Open Yoga University is designed to build a crossover between yoga teaching and business management set up. Our unique MBA program is especially developed for ambitious yogis who aim to be self-sufficient and are willing to start up their own yoga business.

By welcoming students from around the world, the online global MBA programme of OYU connects an international audience with a novel learning approach.

To be successful, a business must have effective leadership and management. By concentrating on areas such as strategy, marketing, management and finance prepares you to become an outstanding leader, manager and yogi at the same time.

A flexible studying pathway and variable specialisation options enable you to modify the programme to fit your objective. This master’s degree was carefully crafted for modern-day business, starting from the selected subjects and the lecturers’ backgrounds to the multicultures of our students. Armed with the proper tools, our students are ready to lead diverse teams, departments and entire organisations.

Real-life business case studies are used to practice and apply the theoretical concepts. After completion, you’ll be able to excel in any workplace.Thanks to the online learning platform, you can study 100% online without compromising the quality of your experience. It allows you the freedom to work at your own pace, with 24/7 access to materials. Keep your job and personal commitments while developing the fundamental capabilities crucial to your career.

The most precious issue of the MBA program is the environment, where business professionals share their practical experience with the like-minded people and build innovative business concepts based on fundamental yoga principals.

You will learn to create, meintain and conduct any kind of business on your own according to the best practices in the most efficient way, to link yoga philosophy with the local business plan and just to be successful!

You will earn 40 credits over the course of 104 weeks.

In particular you will get insights in consulting activity, the basics of financial analysis, pricing & business conducting strategies, marketing, advertising and yoga brending, local as well as global features of business management, theoretical & functional implementation, etc. and finish up with an individually designed MBA Project in form of your own start-up,  business book or management project.

Structured with a specific selection of exclusively created courses, the programme strives to reflect the contemporary yoga business landscape and issues impacting it’s maintanance, development and success, including business management topics.

Students graduate having engaged in theory-to-practice learning that enables them to meaningfully contribute to their roles as business consultants and leading yoga teachers.

Additionally you’ll be able to create and manage your own yoga business including online internet lerning platform.

If you wish to become a professional business manager, senior yoga educator, seeking to deepen your practical business knowledge while you work, this degree program is definitely for you!


Cost per Credit

$600 per credit

Typical Course

$2.400 (4 credits)

Technology Fee

$60 per Credit

Student Services Fee

$60 per Semester


The Open Yoga University online MBA completion program consists of 104-weeks online learning.


After the MBA program, you will be able to create and develop your own business independently, to educate yoga instructors yourself, to organize and manage your own yoga school as well as online learning platform. Additionally you will become a public well-known certified business consultant & yoga educator with advanced practical business administration skills.


The MBA Program seeks candidates for admission who are ambitious, self-esteem and inspired by any kind of business management topics. The program is designed for mature and motivated adult learners who desire to complete this program within a virtual community of similarly high-achieving individuals. Candidates for admission should be ready to make a commitment to this selective program and participate in rigorous courses with students like themselves.

The admissions committee considers far more than prior academic records to select students that meets our ideals. While reviewing candidates, the committee will look for:

  • Successfully completed Bachelor Degree
  • Filled and handed application form with all required documents
  • Work/professional activities (also in teaching Yoga practice) indicating maturity and appropriate motivation
  • Demonstrated commitment to complete this program
The admissions committee will also consider the applicant’s life experiences and professional activities as an indication of preparedness to commit and engage in this program.

Getting Started

To learn more or to contact an enrollment advisor before you get started, request information using the button below and tell us a little about yourself. Someone will be in touch to answer any questions you may have about the program and detail the next steps in earning your degree. You can also start your application or register for a course at The Open Yoga University.

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