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Gopi Gopala



Yoga instructor, English teacher


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My name is Ekaterina Smolyaninova. I'm an Open Yoga instructor. And also I`m a curator of creative projects at the Department of Meditation. My yoga pseudonym in OYU is Gopy Gopala. 

I have a certificate in meditation. Meditation is my specialization. I work at the Department of Meditation of Open Yoga University. I train of specialists in the field of "Meditation" and I make different design projects for the Department of Meditation and for others Departments in OYU.

I live in city of Donskoy, Tula region. I'm unmarried, no children's.

My first place of academic education is Russian University of Friendship of Peoples, city of Moscow. My academic degree is baccalaureate, specialization Mining engineering.

In present I'm developing a channel on YouTube «Meditation wings» and the group SANYAMA on


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