Ekaterina Ahimsa

Kate Akhimsa



Yoga instructor, English teacher


 +79207419221 (Katya)


Hello, dear friend! 

My yoga pseudonym Ekaterina Ahimsa.

I`m an yoga instructor and student of The Open Yoga University (OYU).

I am from Moscow, but now I live in Moskow Region.

From the OYU I got some professional yoga teaching skills:

Hatha Yoga (static pose and flow),

Kriya Yoga (dynamic meditation),

Pranayama Yoga (breathing exercises),

Mantra Yoga (sound vibrations),

Meditation and unique type: English language method of Mantra Yoga.

In the near future I`m going to take Yoga classes for beginners and advanced!

If you are interested, please contact me!

Thank you for your attention!

Kate Ahimsa


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