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My name is Anastasia. 

Yoga came into my life bright as the sun. I could not even imagine that something may so dramatically change my life. But it happened and it is continuing now. 

My dear curators and mentors from Open Yoga University where I studied from 2014 kind and politely showed what is classical yoga. Theory and practice in yoga are quite useful and practical for modern planet. 

Yoga assists to feel and understand better myself and the world around me, people I communicate in my everyday life with, relatives and close people etc. If you just start doing yoga or feel that yoga is your way sure you find the diamond in it which fantastically lighten your life and take to a new level.

My own yoga practice starts from the 2013 and I teach yoga from 2017. I specialize in classical Hatha yoga, dynamic Kriya yoga, Mantra yoga (yoga of sound vibrations), Pranayama yoga (breathing yoga), basic concepts of meditation for groups and individual classes.

Welcome to my yoga classes in Saint-Petersburg (Russia) or online. Pls see my contacts below.


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